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modular kitchen accessories for future technology Electrolux design lab 2010

modular kitchen accessories for modular kitchen accessories for is great It is called as an ultimate modular kitchen that is designed for 2050 era. This modular kitchen accessories is really modern in its design and also luxurious in its look. By this ultimate modular kitchen, your life will become practice especially in term of cooking. It is an amazing product that is released for you all who love simple and… Read More »

Replicate stack of plates and turn them back into dust

Replicate stack of plates Replicate stack of plates is great This product is designed by Ali (Jeff) Jafari. It is a great product that will complete your kitchen design to be greater than before. This innovation can be called as an innovation that changes the world. How can it be? This product, called as The Joy Concept, has ability to replicate a srack of plats you will love Replicate stack… Read More »

technology kitchen concept with touch digital screen for future kitchen 01.26.11

technology kitchen is expanding now, just like This futuristic kitchen. this technology kitchen concept design was created by Sebastian Poupeau. If we see in detail this kitchen remind us with an Apple product, a sleek, clean lines, and of course spectacular, but this design is a nice futuristic kitchen that offers a food cutting area, to operate the cooker we use digital screen enabling the equipment, listen to music. even… Read More »

future kitchen concept furniture with waterless dishwashing technology 8.12.10

Cook n ‘Roll is a concept that adds a lot of utility for you packed the kitchen while looking cool in the process. Acting as an all-in-one piece of future kitchen concept furniture, Cook n ‘Roll offers a lot of you are using: cooktop, dishwasher, sink, oven, storage and cleaning. You May Love:future furniture

white future kitchen with blue light

Designer Zaha Hadid to create a beautiful kitchen island is called Z island. The island itself was formed from Corian to form an ideal custom like the ultra-modern design. You May Love:Future kitchen, future technology, future kitchen technology