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New modern integrated bar block design with angled bottom supports

New modern integrated bar New modern integrated bar is great It is called functionally integrated Bar block. This is a new innovation of kitchen design that comes in wood. It is an additional piece to the free standing island. This bar block is made of solid wood that is meant to extend any kitchen system with disdain. It is a kind of bar block that is functionality for real kitchens… Read More »

exclusive kitchen design back splash area above the sink and worktop is illuminated 10.28.10

Mobalco presents the greatest design of wood kitchen with bold, refined and urbane qualities. These features characterize the Aero a wooden kitchen Mobalco. The stripped, square shape allows the wood grain beautifully in the spotlight. The Aero 1 kitchen seems to defy gravity – the island has four small feet with the weight of wood 11mm thick natural distributed perfectly polished. Wall units and the closet wall to hang installed,… Read More »