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functional kitchen feature moving parts as an innovative interior design

With a focus on designing a modern kitchen to re-evaluate what really makes a functional kitchen, Electrolux Icon equipment and Interior Design Magazine is holding a competition with 110 thousand dollars on the phone.

portable dishwasher reviews converts food or grease to reusable compost for plants

portable dishwasher reviews converts portable dishwasher reviews converts is great It is a capsule. No, it is not a capsule. So, what is it? It is waste no waste. It is a machine where washing dishes will be so fun and so practice. It is a product for the future time where all of people need everything in a fast way. This is a washing dishes machine comes from 2010… Read More »

modular kitchen accessories for future technology Electrolux design lab 2010

modular kitchen accessories for modular kitchen accessories for is great It is called as an ultimate modular kitchen that is designed for 2050 era. This modular kitchen accessories is really modern in its design and also luxurious in its look. By this ultimate modular kitchen, your life will become practice especially in term of cooking. It is an amazing product that is released for you all who love simple and… Read More »

Rolling out with heat can prepare warm meal by Electrolux Invico

Rolling out with heat Rolling out with heat is great Here is a unique product released for your simple life. This product is suit to you all who has limited time to prepare meals because of the busy of the work needs. This product is also suit to you all who are looking for something that can prepare a warm meal and be completely put away you will love Rolling… Read More »

Electrolux Morphware plate transformer designed by Nick Smigielski

Electrolux Morphware plate transformer Electrolux Morphware plate transformer is great This excellent product is called the Morphware. This product is designed by Nick Smigielski. What is the benefit of this product? It is a plate where you can transform the internet connected dish creator. With this product you can also have downloading physical objects in the same way you download for your food holding objects you will love Electrolux Morphware… Read More »

Electrolux eco pure washer sink with two rotatable parts

Electrolux eco pure washer Electrolux eco pure washer is great Here is a new concept of being futuristic of your life style in relation to kitchen elements. This product is named by split face sink. This product is designed in a very nice look and function. This product is also designed so natural for us. This helps put all the dirty dishes into the sink to tackle them. This has… Read More »

small heating system by Electrolux design uses high density sugar crystal battery

This is an innovation kitchen item is specially produced to complete your life. This is called Snail cooking. This product is the Electrolux design 2010 finalists. This product is a micro introduction heating system. This product uses high density sugar crystal battery for energy. The power is used to heat up coils.

Freestanding Kitchen for indoor or outdoor kitchen made from teak and stainless steel 10.26.10

The Libero indoor or outdoor kitchen from Riva 1920 let you locate this gorgeous freestanding kitchen either indoors or outdoors at your own home. This is a rare and practical choice which should be yours. This kitchen takes a variety of possible lifestyles and climates of mind into real kitchen design. This is a wonderful professional kitchen with the freestanding units which can be moved around. Let’s say thanks to… Read More »

future ecological refrigerator use solar energy keep food in cool temperature 10.18.10

This furniture project doesn’t really like garden furniture usually entitles you in department in general, more than a device that you are interesting outdoor storage. This bold design can be a solution for the future ecological refrigerator. The Electrolux refrigerator is place out on the outside and accessible through a window. You May Love:future refrigerator

Outdoors Kitchen surrounded by trees and under an open sky by Electrolux

A remarkable feature is built into its surroundings, Electrolux Outdoors Kitchen by landscape designer Jamie Durie is a hotspot! Custom kitchen designed to suit every space and dimension – whether you are a courtyard oasis or intimate deck, there’s a configuration just for you. Kitchen suite features organic curves and neutral color palette inspired by the outside.

eco friendly modern kitchen island go green

eco friendly kitchen island go green. I’m happy when I came in the kitchen who violate the norms of design. Electrolux Kitchen check out the outdoor environment-friendly have been made from sustainable materials and designed specifically for outdoor cooking. You May Love:modern bbq designs, modern bbq, modern kitchen designs, design kitchen, eco kitchen, modern outdoor bbq