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black cabinets accented with wood grain and island panels of lush American apple 11.04.10

Neff creates the new kitchen design in beautiful black cabinets accented with gorgeous wood grain. The Neff Ash luxury kitchen blends sparse elegance with rich woods. A black wood cabinet of this kitchen provides a sophisticated backdrop whit brilliant steel ovens and range hood. It brings the Ash kitchen be a simple modern elegance kitchen. Neff adding a touch of warmth whit black and steel theme and large island panels… Read More »

modular kitchen customizable and free standing elements designed to be move 10.29.10

Oikos creates a new sitematica modular kitchen perfectly. A modular kitchen will change along with you in your daily activities especially in kitchen. The Sistematica Kitchen is a custom contemporary kitchen from Oikos with a crucial difference. This kitchen is different with other kitchen islands and designed to be move. The contemporary Sistematica kitchen is entirely modular, and customizable. The gorgeous free standing elements of this kitchen can be combined… Read More »

kitchen island K7 adjustable height shelves available in seven types of natural wood 9.13.10

Talk about a custom kitchen! The nice thing about the kitchen island K7 adjustable height shelves – no matter who is doing the cooking, the automatic cool island to bring to the table (or down) to your level. Lowered, the peak is ideal for kids and casual dining. Raised the counter for convenient food preparation area. At the highest things, K7 makes a bar great for entertaining or eating on… Read More »

Creative Custom Kitchen Fireplace combination between modern and old design 9.7.10

a fire place is the most element that always exists in everyone’s kitchen design. And this kitchen design idea that give a new and different idea on fire place make me off my hat. It is really a creative fireplace. What is the creative thing of this design? The answer is the feature circular item that combines fireplace and dome bake oven. Seeing this design reminds me of old world… Read More »

Outdoors Kitchen surrounded by trees and under an open sky by Electrolux

A remarkable feature is built into its surroundings, Electrolux Outdoors Kitchen by landscape designer Jamie Durie is a hotspot! Custom kitchen designed to suit every space and dimension – whether you are a courtyard oasis or intimate deck, there’s a configuration just for you. Kitchen suite features organic curves and neutral color palette inspired by the outside.

modern kitchen lacquered facades with minimalist details and an integrated light

May look pretty, but if it does not work then what’s the point? This practical kitchen kitchen by Veneta Cucine Italian company has it all – fashion and function, while efficient in terms of the earth and the economy. Liquid kitchen was created by Elisa Gargan Stefano Giovannoni and put into practice some important principles, according to designers.