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portable dishwasher reviews converts food or grease to reusable compost for plants

portable dishwasher reviews converts portable dishwasher reviews converts is great It is a capsule. No, it is not a capsule. So, what is it? It is waste no waste. It is a machine where washing dishes will be so fun and so practice. It is a product for the future time where all of people need everything in a fast way. This is a washing dishes machine comes from 2010… Read More »

biodegradable plates made from natural materials in ecologically design 11.18.10

Fused from the remains of the leaves collected are biodegradable plates as defined in the design of several VerTerra, of course. First, they are made of natural materials, such as pressure washed the sheets, disinfected by UV light, and then pressed into shapes without the use of additives. Second, even if they are save in microwave, they will disintegrate completely (mostly) soil after 2 months, once thrown into the compost.… Read More »

Ekokook intelligent kitchen design based on four pillars reducing energy consumption 10.10.10

This kitchen design is based on four pillars namely waste management, healthy cooking methods, reducing energy consumption, and functional solutions for the storage of foods. These four pillars give your kitchen more perfect even with others. We call this kitchen design as a model of intelligent kitchen.