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Knotty Pine Kitchen in Natural Skin with innovative metal structure By Minacciolo

just feel how knotty pine in your kitchen interior spaces. Minacciolo made this from The harmonious mixture of metal. Knotty pine is just amazing ideas for your kitchen. This innovative kitchen is solid technologically innovative, metal structure combine with art. The interaction and contrast feels almost poetic. Covered with wood cabinet meet grey wall is a perfect harmony for you who like modern kitchen design.

Excellent stainless steel kitchen combine with wooden materials

Excellent kitchen, stainless steel combined with wood materials from Elmar, the Italian manufacturer. Very thin stainless steel rack and the top is one interesting feature that adds a touch of stainless steel kitchen fix this. Modular kitchen design, making it very flexible and convenient to cook. You May Love:stainless steel kitchen, stainless steel kitchens, stainless kitchen, steel kitchen, stainless steel kitchen island