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samsung fridge models review Bi Axiz fridge in chic design

samsung fridge models review samsung fridge models review is great It is a new innovation of designing fridge. This new innovation is named Bi-Axis fridge that is released from a big company namely Samsung GRO design. what is the unique thing of this fridge design? just like its name this fridge design has two wonderful door. You may open it through the front door or the back door. All are… Read More »

Pink kitchen accessories with pink Bialetti espresso maker 01.13.11

This Pink kitchen accessories designs by Julie Michiels and Iker Gil, they are kitchen designer from Mas Studio. Girl or kids will love it, because they paint the pink kitchen in the uniform cotton candy shade of pink. And also the pink kitchen appliances, they use a pink Bialetti espresso maker, stove, ’60s-era General Electric fridge, are painted in this color. You May Love:bialetti