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green design sustainable design environmentally friendly material durable and recyclable 4.7.10

For some, design is something to do with trends. Opinion is not entirely wrong, because it shows the progress of design development of a civilization. Almost the same position with the art. However, the design is really a means to improve the quality of human life. So, long before the green design, the designers have to really work that needed to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means that designs… Read More »

Replicate stack of plates and turn them back into dust

Replicate stack of plates Replicate stack of plates is great This product is designed by Ali (Jeff) Jafari. It is a great product that will complete your kitchen design to be greater than before. This innovation can be called as an innovation that changes the world. How can it be? This product, called as The Joy Concept, has ability to replicate a srack of plats you will love Replicate stack… Read More »