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mini kitchen island for condo or small apartment with minimalist style 02.05.11

mini kitchen island for small space from ENSCI is good idea for modern kitchen. The mini-kitchen has unique design concept, and also keep everything you want at your fingertips. They design the countertop to be movable or slide, so you can easily find range, sink, storage, cupboards and even plenty of cabinets

minimal kitchen island design simple and sleek look with art-inspired faucets 9.13.10

Bulthaup B2 Kitchen Island is an exceptional minimal kitchen island design. In addition to simple, sleek look of this must-modern kitchen that really minimize the time spent to spruce up, so you can focus on the task at hand – cooking, and enjoy your work! This kitchen work table awesome place everything you need at your fingertips, wherever they are (this is where the kitchen equipment with ease, thanks to… Read More »

Awesome Kitchen island of Toncelli in a rich olive wood construction with push button 9.11.10

Awesome Kitchen island of Toncelli is a prime example of how you can combine aesthetics and automation into one striking design. Tues photoelectric and display the automation buttons encased in a rich olive wood construction, you will be amazed at how simple culinary tasks you can. You May Love:awesome kitchens, awesome kitchen