Origami inspired kitchen with amazing kitchen lighting from Estudiosat

By | June 10, 2012

Origami inspired kitchen with amazing kitchen lighting from Estudiosat
Modern kitchen design is about how to break common kitchen rule and constantly finding methods for collaborating function with appearance. Estudiosat for manufacturer Delta Cocinas has his own way to design this contemporary origami-inspired kitchen. Available on Home-creating, the glossy Artica Kitchen appears especially produced for those with excitement implementing change. Stopping the pattern of straight surfaces, the cupboards within the new collection are partly irregular, the general effect being what folded paper.
amazing kitchen lighting from Estudiosat
blue and red kitchen lighting from Estudiosat
its form is caused by interpretation from the digital language that surrounds us, by using the techniques of deconstruction on the 3d surface. This style extravaganza apparently meant no compromises in costs or function: Artica uses the emotional language of design to produce a significantly cool product without losing any one of its functionality. It makes sense a visible impact that needs no added company investment, and keeps traditional production processes while improving the environment.
black white Origami inspired kitchen
kitchen lighting interior from Estudiosat

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