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form and function mix features a striking cantilevered countertop kitchen

Crossing the boundaries between fashion, form and function, Isola kitchen line by Toyo kitchen is a modern answer to “kitchen couture” The new linear features a striking cantilevered countertop kitchen was emphasizing configuration.

the smart kitchen designs compact and handy has boundaries shape 01.28.11

the smart kitchen designs picture has boundaries shape. The smart kitchen continues to perform in a natural setting of settlements of people. Now, following this trend Designboom has a legitimate contest The kitchen is the heart of the house, where 2980 designers from 102 countries participated.

Class X Innovative Kitchen available in steel white and black finishes by Moretuzzo 12.09.10

Class X Innovative Kitchen Collection Moretuzzo technology leader implementation of the glass allows the cabinets without visible boundaries available in steel white and black finishes. to allow such a combination, unique kitchens that are modern and classic at the same time to create. The chassis design allows the use of hidden handles extreme, available in steel, black and white.

innovative concept of kitchen design has multi function furniture by SieMatic 10.24.10

SieMatic creates new design of modern kitchen with a dramatic intersection of kitchen units. The SC 61 modern kitchen from SieMatic totally reinterprets home space. This is a new and innovative concept of kitchen design. It is up to you to decide how to use the space within your home and choose certain furniture which applied in certain rooms and functions. The SC 61 kitchen gives a sense of liberation… Read More »