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Small dining room design in contemporary classic and modern style

If you are looking for a small dining room design in classic, modern or contemporary theme, this is the best choice and the right destination for you to get them all. Here is a contemporary and classic small dining room design in natural brown color theme. This small dining room design is also available in natural wood color theme in wood material with glass combination.

Modern baby blue kitchen with high specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops 10.13.10

Here is a new tess modern kitchen from scavolini. This kitchen design is design with gorgeous and gleaming surfaces. This is a combination of high-specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops and detailing. This kitchen design looks like a space age traditional American dinner. This kitchen design also shows you a sharp futuristic edge but also radiates a comfortable retrospective appeal. You May Love:baby blue kitchens

Modern classic design finished with attractive flat rectangular handles and countertops 10.13.10

If you are looking for a timeless, innovative appeal this modern classic kitchen from scavolini is the best choice for you. This modern classic design is equal at home in a contemporary or traditional environment. There is a deliberate contrast that serves to highlight the multifunctional nature of the kitchen which is full of details waiting to be discovered.

Concrete kitchen design style and unique industrial character with hygienic features 10.07.10

Here is a unique concrete kitchen design that is available for you. If you are looking for a style and a unique industrial character this very sleek polished concrete is the best choice for you. The polished is made of ultra fine 8mm thick. The benefit of this material is the resistant to heat and hygienic features of this kitchen design You May Love:industrial kitchen design, industrial style kitchen

high quality contemporary kitchen design with sleek look and fresh air atmosphere 10.07.10

This is a new contemporary Italian kitchen that we offer to you. This kitchen design is fit for you who want and have a big desire to a high quality kitchen design. Italian products always offer you best choice for your high quality. We design this kitchen in an amazing finishing. You will wonder with this sleek look and fresh air atmosphere.

Striking Linear blend wood kitchen design generous stainless steel work surface inside 10.06.10

This striking Linear kitchen from Doca is the new one. This kitchen design which prioritizes young, active, forward-looking vision in their interpretations of the ideal kitchen will be your best choice. We offer the current trends through this kitchen desin Sedamat Negro. This kitchen design mixes diverse materials into a complementary blend wood, stainless steel, and lacquered finishes. We use a generous stainless steel work surface that is intersected by… Read More »

Japanese kitchen island S with 3 electric looking rings generous circular sink 9.30.10

if you are looking for a perfect kitchen for compact spaces, this JAPANESE KITCHEN is the best choice for you. this is the island S from the nobody collection. we design this in a highly futuristic design. this kitchen is made up with an island of 2 parts with 3 electric looking rings, a generous circular sink and plenty of space for kitchen items. this sculptural kitchen is simply effective.… Read More »