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the Opera kitchen design is from Tomassi Cucine serve the art of cooking 10.25.10

Tomassi Cucine creates a wonderful European kitchen with artistic touch for your really living in the Opera kitchen design. Expanses nuance of beautiful island grained natural wood form the focus of this contemporary European kitchen. This design wonderfully curved island which is combined with the strength of linear storage units and practical places for appliances. Tomassi Cucine uses his own technical skill of design and pure creativity in the kitchen… Read More »

kitchen island K7 adjustable height shelves available in seven types of natural wood 9.13.10

Talk about a custom kitchen! The nice thing about the kitchen island K7 adjustable height shelves – no matter who is doing the cooking, the automatic cool island to bring to the table (or down) to your level. Lowered, the peak is ideal for kids and casual dining. Raised the counter for convenient food preparation area. At the highest things, K7 makes a bar great for entertaining or eating on… Read More »