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Accordion Flexible kitchen table by Olga Kalugin is very innovative product

Accordion Flexible kitchen table Accordion Flexible kitchen table is great This flexible kitchen table is really great. It is a perfect table for your modern kitchen design. It is also new innovation kitchen table that allows you to form as you like. The yellow combined with black natural color is so perfect color. There are many space areas that are available to store vegetables, cheese, and many other ingredients to… Read More »

Mother Of Modular Kitchens

Mother Of Modular Kitchens Mother Of Modular Kitchens is great Here is a new product design that is so amazing. It is given a name accordion folding cook table. This cook table is designed to complete your kitchen area especially in modern kitchen design. this product design comes in a unique shape and beautiful color. It can be formed simpler than the common form you will love Mother Of Modular… Read More »

flexible kitchen table Integrating food drawers on the right and left sides 11.10.10

With a name “accordion” is very suggestive kitchen table very interesting flexible, which was designed by the Russian Olga Kalugin. This flexible kitchen table that expands and contracts that will meet the needs of different users, an entry in the International Design Award 2009 and this design is very innovative.